Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper on reckless driving

Is LCC is actually in the process of abandoning selected 'B' roads altogether? Becky Black, 23rd November Traffic Issues There have been many postings about traffic issues and I feel I could offer a suggestion for slowing traffic in Tarleton.

I noticed a beautiful new sign this evening on the way home from Southport stating " West Lancashire has Everything" I would agree if I saw 20 mph Road Signs in Tarleton especially near to schools and Road Signs requesting that drivers take care when entering Tarleton.

Though students, parents and the public at large are affected, the issue remains unattended. Young boys feel the thrill of speed. I would advise any one who has suffered damage to their vehicles to contact me as soon as possible and I will check out the hole, I have been able to obtain compensation in the past.

Wondering who or what I had hit I looked again in my mirrors to see Indeed I have myself and others witnessed cars screeching to a halt with near misses being an everyday thing.

Four Options for Handling Reckless Driving Tickets

Boundary Lane at Hundred End is predicted to catastrophically fail anytime soon, endangering lives for the want of a bit of maintenance.

So basically all the core areas of both villages are proposed to be 20mph all of the time, including the through routes and bus routes. This was followed by an extremely wet summer this year causing flooding. Chris Stringfellow, 16th September Investment Lost Dear Editor, In response to the assertions by Dave Rydings Political Officer to the Local Conservative Association that I, as an individual, made misleading statements over the Police Resource Centre, I would wish to point out that the consultation was agreed by the Parish Council as a Corporate decision and not by myself alone although the general observation that it was the Over 60's Car Park or nowhere was an accurate as history now shows assessment of the likely outcome.

Numbers of Conservative Councillors intervened in the debate citing examples of poor performance brought to them by their constituents. Finally, are you prepared to pay more for policing on your council tax?

J Johnston, 28th May Hundred End Lane Sir, Can anyone in the know even speculate as to how long it will be before something is done about this appalling stretch of road?

He and he alone, as Chairman, initially negotiated with the police and gave the Parish Council his interpretation of the discussions he had with the police. Rydings, Vice Chairman Political as listed under 'Branch Committee' does not exist and furthermore if it does, it does not mean it is 'Political'!

Insurance covers you for mishaps, etc. I just wish more of the arrogant drivers who park on pavements would be given a parking ticket. A fact worth adding here is that the Police Chief Superindent at the time was moved to a desk job at Hutton shortly afterwards The fact that a Conservative Councillor was elected should go some way to convince JH that maybe that is what the residents of Tarleton wanted.

The fact is that information was put out at the time by the then Chair of the Parish Council, John Hodson, who claimed that it was on the site of the Over 60's car park or not at all. This, sadly, is just waiting to happen. We were also advised by our local JP Councillor that in his opinion the Crown Prosecution Service would not take any action against a motorist who parked on the pavement even if our local Community Beat Manager gave the driver a ticket for illegally parking.

I wrote to the Parish Council on the same subject last year and they advised me they would take it up with LCC. People are SO arrogant about flouting these laws, and something must be done before there is a fatality.

Some newspapers accept attachments while some prefer full text in the body. Are they really interested now that they have been elected? T meetings myself to raise this issue. I live directly opposite the site in a Park home at Meadow Park. Hodson' and his crew! You will hopefully be able to make out the failure of repeated temporary fixes leaving the re-enforcing wires of the sub structure dangerously exposed.

I would like to make the situation clear because this situation has existed since before Christmas. Vehicles can be scrapped and new ones made without much effort. Can anyone tell me what progress has been made in this matter over the 10 years, if any and where we go from here?

I agree Bob does a splendid job but he is not responsible for the road or pavement surface or deciding if a new road should be built.

Traffic jam outside schools poses threat to students

I believe that soon there will be a serious accident here, if we do not do something about this. Traffic rules must be observed. They often put a smile on my face. So many accidents take place every day on the city roads. What can be done to prevent vehicles being parked on the pavements?

Over-speeding, jumping red lights, overtaking from wrong side are commonplace. They do not have any regard for the traffic rules.If you are a current 2-day or more subscriber to the Free Lance-Star newspaper you are granted an all-access pass to the website and digital newspaper replica.

a Letter to the Editor; AP. Aug 19,  · Write a letter to the editor of newspaper on rash driving.() Examination Hall, City A.B.C Aug 18, The Editor, The News, Lahore. Sir, Through the columns of your esteemed paper, I want to invite the attention of the authorities and the public to the problem of rash driving.

Nov 27,  · Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper on reckless driving. In your letter you have to explain why reckless driving poses great danger to lives and property.

You should write at 4/5(3). Jennifer Partridge’s students wrote letters to a newspaper. They wanted to write about Vancouver’s traffic problems. Read the PDF. Students write to a newspaper-PDF. Think about what issues affect your community.

Write to your mayor or city council or local newspaper. Jennifer’s class did! So people prefer driving their own cars.

Letter to the Editor Format

The letter to the editor is a means to talk to the magazine, newspaper, or any other periodically printed publications in writing. The letters to the editor can stress the issues whether they are for or against, or they just want to give information, or probably both.

Arrests/Charges May 24, •Leon Arthur Fletcher, Thomasville, driving vehicle when registration suspended/revoked, violation of open container law, failure to maintain lane.

Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper on reckless driving
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