The need for comprehensive sex education essay

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II. Comprehensive sex education programs decrease sexual risk behaviors in adolescents.

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A. Comprehensive sex education programs decrease many sexual risk behaviors in teens including delaying first sexual intercourse, reducing number of sex partners, and increasing condom or contraceptive use (Centers for Disease Control. Abstinence-Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education Essay Words | 10 Pages.

HIV/AIDS epidemic began in the U.S. in the early s the issue of sex education for American youth has had the attention of the nation.

There are aboutteen births every year in the U.S, with about 9 billion in associated public costs.

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Thirdly, for teenage girls who took sex education, the risk of having sex before the age of 15 is reduced 59% while for boys' are 71%, compared to those who didn't take sex education. (Doheny, ). The evidences collected have pointed out that sex education indeed can reduce teen pregnancy.

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The need for comprehensive sex education essay
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