Technical aspects of tourism

Urban planners must consider these threats. In a general sense, these tasks may be called "environmental planning"; they consist of diagnosing the needs of an area and identifying the resources available to it, then using this information to formulate an integrated development strategy composed of sectoral investment projects.

An ecosystem is a coherent set of interlocking relationships between and among living things and their environments. Although associated with gentle topography, these liquefaction phenomena can travel significant distances from their origin.

By definition, this means that they must be designed to improve the quality of life and to protect or restore environmental quality at the same time and must also ensure that resources will not be degraded and that the threat of natural hazards will not be exacerbated.

Mudflows, associated with volcanic eruptions, can travel at great speed from their point of origin and are one of the most destructive volcanic hazards. Health Tourism Health tourism is also called as Medical tourism.

These technical requirements are to be applied in the design, construction, and renovation of buildings and facilities. The crests of these waves can exceed heights of 25 meters on reaching shallow water.

Rockfalls are obvious dangers to life and property but, in general, they pose only a localized threat due to their limited areal influence. Parking space for private vehicles requires the construction of large parking garages in high density areas.

Not only are the specific effects of development to be mitigated, but attempts are made to minimise the overall effect of development on the local and global environment. She presented the North End in Boston, Massachusetts, as an idealisation of this persistent occupation and tasking in a condensed city space, as a model for criminal control.

The objectives of the publication of a technical manual on accessibility in the built environment and of the organization of seminars for tourism service providers were: This is the floor area of buildings divided by the land area.

Since the 19th century, water-carriage sewage management has been preferred by planners due to its scalability. Strong cultures tend to produce safe places. One of the most unifying events and cultural and creative extravaganza, which is celebrated in the region is Carnival.

Technical aspects of urban planning

The Loma Prieta earthquake in was the costliest natural disaster in U. Among the most direct and tangible expressions of culture are the local patrimonies which are often specific to a particular country, community or social grouping.

It is characterised by depopulationeconomic restructuringproperty abandonment, high unemploymentfragmented families, political disenfranchisementcrimeand desolate urban landscapes. Landslides The term landslide includes slides, falls, and flows of unconsolidated materials.

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Barry Kidd CEO, Bus and Coach Association Inside Tourism helps me stay on top of the current tourism trends and industry events, the weekly newsletter provides valuable insight into todays issues from industry thought leaders.

The editor has a deep knowledge of the industry, having been involved in it for more than 30 years. This is a great way to ensure that all our members are kept up to date with what is happening in the tourism industry. Classically, tourism surety refers to six different areas of tourism protection.

Culturism - Exploring the linkages between Culture and Tourism Research indicates that in the Greater Caribbean region there is need to strengthen the linkages between tourism and culture.

The act of purchase is made by a lawyer, who records the transfer of ownership and pays the purchase rights.Includes articles covering all aspects of sustainability and tourism, helpfully categorized into: 'Types' of tourism; common 'Terms'; important 'Organizations' and 'Awards'; key 'Treaties' and 'Schemes'; as well as 'Technical' aspects of sustainable tourism development.

Concept Map. Objectives. This OER enables you to: explain the different forms of tourism distinguish between the various forms of tourism suggest appropriate form of tourism to the tourist. Inside Tourism.

Dark tourism

Inside Tourism (IT) is the only independent weekly source of New Zealand visitor/hospitality industry news and views. IT is respected for its honestly, accuracy, integrity, and timeliness and has been since launching in Technical aspects of urban planning involve the technical processes, considerations and features that are involved in planning for land use, urban design, natural resources, transportation, and infrastructure Aesthetics.

Towns and cities have been planned with. The current global recession is impacting the tourist industry worldwide and few places are immune.

Countries, such as the UAE, which boasted about its immunity in Aprilsaw massive lay-offs in construction in its capital Dubai, only a few months later due to fewer tourist dollars.

technological factors

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Technical aspects of tourism
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