Pre arranged marriage

The law does make the following exclusion: That and the evidences of long term stability of the alliance make the phenomenon as a go to for Indians. No Diversity Arranged marriages focus on keeping tradition and culture alive.

The Culture of Arranged Marriages in India

Of the major religions of the world, Islam forbids marriage of girls born to a devout parent to a man who does not belong to that religion.

Caste is another important criterion in the list. The difference stems from the basic motivation for the marriage. Often the two children never even meet each Pre arranged marriage until the wedding ceremony, when they are both of an acceptable marriageable age—which differs based upon custom.

For instance, computers, websites and portals have taken over the job of traditional matchmakers, with computer programs predicting matches for individuals.

Children With two parents of the exact same background, religion, and culture your children will grow up immersed in theirs. Challenge your idea of an arranged marriage. These marriages are often referred to as "self-arranged marriages" or "love-arranged marriages" in India.

Sometimes, the term "arranged marriage" may be used even if the parents had no direct involvement in selecting the spouse.


In a traditional marriage not forcedthe parents choose their son or daughter's future spouse with only a little input from the soon to be newly-weds. A shidduch is often begun by a suggestion from close family members, friends or by people men and women who have made this process their hobby or even their vocation a shadkhan or " matchmaker ".

The legal age for marriages is 18 for females and 21 for males McDonald. The divorce rate is about 1 in every incidences.

In most cases, their objection is simply ignored, and the marriage takes place anyway. If the two families agree, they shake hands and set a date for the wedding McDonald. While arranged marriages were preferred, the consent of the bride was generally taken into consideration.

Tribes, Muslims, and Anglo-India. Apart from physical appearance, the girl is also judged based upon her efficiency in domestic chores such as cooking, stitching, and cleaning.

Thereafter, either these suitors had to prove their prowess to win over the girl, or the girl herself will choose one of them, by offering him a flower garland. Arranged Marriages in India Arranged Marriage: The same goes for having to worry about your in-laws approving of you.

Arranged Marriage Pros and Cons

Arranged marriages became the most prevalent way of marriage in the country and among Hindus especially. This happens only after both the parties have agreed that this is the best match possible for their child from all aspects. Advantages of Arranged Marriages Just why these arranged marriages are so successful aside from the denunciation of divorce that I mentioned earlier can be a mystery to most.

Religion tops the list of criteria while fixing a marriage match. There is an expectation of total confidentiality.

Traditional Arranged Marriages

For instance, "Vani" Urdu: Zhaozhui was a related custom by which a wealthy family that lacked an heir would arrange marriage of a boy child from another family. They are also called pragmatic marriage.

Arranged Marriage

Retrieved February 22, Arranged marriages have been part of the Indian culture since the fourth century. Most Hindu pre-wedding ceremonies take place on acuta, 5 Responses to "Arranged Marriages, Matchmakers, and Dowries in India" Rishika Ahluwalia says: December 12, at am.

Arranged marriages: They’re not as unfortunate as you think. By Trishna Buch April 3, “I personally don’t know of anyone who has been in or is considering an arranged marriage,” pre-business sophomore Viviane Nguyen said.

“I’m not quite familiar with the structure of an arranged marriage, but if I had parents who really. Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent is a tradition in the societies of the Indian subcontinent, and continue to account for an overwhelming majority of marriages in the Indian subcontinent.

An engagement ceremony or a pre-engagement ceremony (such as roka) follows. In an arranged marriage, Arranged marriages worldwide encompass a wide variety of procedures, cultural customs, length of courtship, as well as the practical and spiritual reasons for the matching of the partners.

Generally, such a match is based on considerations other than pre-existing mutual attraction. Traditional arranged marriages.

The actual definition of an arranged marriage is a marriage that is established before a lengthy relationship.

(1) So in a sense, it is the opposite to a love marriage, where marriage would be considered the final step to solidating the relationship. Arranged marriages may lead to a longer lasting relationship than non-arranged marriages, because the success of the marriage is stronger with a support system, since the parents, community, religion, and cultural background are involved in making and sustaining the marriage bond.

Pre arranged marriage
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