Practicum report sample for hotel and

I had experience a lot of things that will help me during my actual job. The trainees did the make-up room MUR service. Did what you learned in your practicum parallel what you learned at WKU?

The student should pass the weekly report every week and let the practicum coordinator checked it and make an evaluation about it. Have you acquired any special skills in the practicum that you didn't already have? He is responsible for the efficient and effective leadership and operation of the entire rooms division department.

What have I learned from the experience? I am used to be friendly and nice to them. Here is just a simple HRM report and I just wanna share this to you. She was able to communicate well with her co-trainees, employees of the hotel, and to its guests, particularly foreigners. There were so many things that I have learned from them that I can use in my future job.

They are responsible for the cleanliness of their assigned floors. Every bartender should have a bottle opener as this is considered as one of the main tools of the bar Fig.

How to Write a Practicum Report

Create a title page, making sure the title briefly describes the nature of the assignment. She also experienced to clean the public areas of the hotel such as, corridors, lobby, and parking area.

The hospitality industry is growing rapidly and in the last decades, the industry has got much importance of vigorous process of expansion. Easy Time and Attendance Manage schedules and view accurate reports for thousands of employees! What computer equipment to include hardware and software is used in the facility?

I learned that he had taken two exams to be a CPA, he have experienced many hardships in his life and one his second licensure board exam the accounting standard had been revised and he is back to zero because he have to learn the new standard but at the end of the day he was able to pass the exam and be a CPA even with all of the hardship that he experienced.

Jose de Gusman, Jr. It is a square meter room with one king-sized bed, flat screen television with cable programming, telephone, in room safe, mini-bar, and air- conditioning unit.

Narrative Report On Hotel Practicum at the Manila Pavilion Hotel Essay Sample

How your practicum contributed to your professional goals. Ed Landingin is responsible to ensure that the work is complete to specification and required quality on time and within budget. The goal of the practicum is to prepare the student for competent and responsible practice.

I really enjoyed when we have other functions such as parties and take outs. The practicum training was an exciting and memorable experience for the student because it gave her the first opportunity to employ the skills and theories she learned in classroom setting.

Milano and Firenze Ballrooms. What are some personal characteristics which you feel are necessary for a successful hotel or restaurant manager?

During the period of apprenticeship, I carried out the following tasks at the dining section: Develop a more complete understanding of various hospitality managerial functions.

Practicum Report Essay Sample

The students are given a chance to apply theories and computations that they have learned from the school. Bed has to be firm. It is used to carry dishes, beverage, and used for bussing out used plates and glasses Fig. Sir Joel instructed them to count flat sheets and towels this includes bath mat, bath towels, face towels, and hand towels.

Place them immediately in your solid linen bag.A practicum report is an explanation of what an individual did during a practical experience and the outcomes of that experience, according to the University of Memphis in Tennessee.

Practicums can be completed in a wide range of specialized fields of study and usually are. Sample of HRM Practicum Report will give you the expertise and practical skills you need to pursue a supervisory or management career in the growing hotel and restaurant industry locally and internationally.

As a hotel and restaurant student, It helps us to use our studied in future job. The report must have a cover page with the following information: Your name, where you are working, the report number (e.g. Report # 1), the dates of the weeks covered by the report, the due date for the report and the number of hours you worked during the report period.

Narrative Report On Hotel Practicum at the Manila Pavilion Hotel Essay Sample

Within guidelines established by the owners of the hotel or executives of the hotel chain, the general manager sets room rates, allocates funds to departments, approves expenditures, and establishes expected standards for guest service, decor, housekeeping, food quality, and banquet operations.

Practicum Report Essay Sample. I would like to thank the following persons who helped me in different ways during my internship. This internship would not be possible without the help and guidance of several individuals who contributed in the preparation and completion of this work.

Report abuse. Transcript of On-the-job Training/Practicum Performance of Hotel and Resta. On-the-job Training/Practicum Performance of Hotel and Restaurant Management Students in Cebu City by: MR. GRAYFIELD T.

BAJAO Chapter 1 The Problem and its Background Chapter 2 Review of Related Literature.

Practicum report sample for hotel and
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