Parallelism in writing worksheets

Determine what kind of paper you are writing: Alexander Graham Bell was a painter, teacher, and inventor. That candidate has energy, concern, and she is honest. Worksheet 2, 16 Exercises My parents considered getting a divorce or they would obtain a legal separation. Jasmine not only listens to political speeches; she analyzes them and posts her opinions on Facebook.

Can you find the error in this sentence?

Faulty parallelism

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The above sentence was a thesis statement of a student's essay. The faulty parallelism in the following sentence is easy to detect once you place boxes around the two elements of the not only but also construction: Entrepreneurship competition singapore blank fishbone diagram template word www.

Underline each element in a sentence and check that the corresponding element uses the same grammatical form. Long ago I discovered that I could relax by sipping a cup of hot tea or if I listened to soft music. My philosophy professor demonstrated not only how to reason persuasivelya but also how to avoid logical fallaciesb.

They are in PDF format. When Felicia had the flu, she took aspirin, drank plenty of fluids, and she slept a lot. Every paper you write should have a main point, Either I will or I won't.

Have I used parallelism to show the Take a look at the following example: Holloway enjoys reading and to play his guitar at weekends. The workshop explained how to speak clearly, appearing skilled, and how to ask for a raise. Earlier in this chapter, we learned that increasing sentence variety adds interest to a piece of writing and makes the reading process more enjoyable for others.

Often faulty parallelism can be repaired by paying close attention to where you place your verbs. Swimming in the ocean is much tougher than swimming in a pool.

The first sentence contains two items that use the same verb construction reduce, cut and a third item that uses a different verb form lowering.

Jessica not only excelled in mathematics, but she also astounded audiences with her musical talent. After dropping out of Annapolis, Roger promised himself that he would finish college, write a book, and that he would invest in the stock market.

The phrase "prescriptively correct" means that other possibilities might be acceptable in informal writing or speech, but the prescriptively correct option would be most recommended for formal, academic writing.

The students prepared for their exams at home, they spent extra hours with their tutors, they did the necessary research in the library, and asked questions in their classrooms. When Taro got home, he found mud on the carpet, scratch marks on the furniture, and having broken glass on the floor.

Perseverance is an obstacle that involves never giving up, Ali prefers jeans to wearing a suit. Did you change it to: Either you will begin to study now or risk failing the exam.

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If an essay goes off-topic, the writer you! Second Exercise in Parallelism Directions:Parallelism Parallelism is important in writing because it allows a writer to achieve a sense of rhythm and order.

When sentence structures are not parallel, writing sounds awkward and choppy. Parallel clauses are usually combined with the use of a coordinating conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so).

Parallelism creates a sense of rhythm and balance in writing by using the same grammatical structure to express equal ideas.

Writing In Parallel Structure

Faulty parallelism occurs when elements of a sentence are not balanced, causing the sentence to sound clunky and awkward. Parallelism, Worksheet 2, 16 Exercises 1. My parents considered getting a divorce or they would obtain a legal separation. Answer 1: My parents considered getting a divorce or obtaining a legal separation.

2. Meaghan was excited by the prospect of visiting Paris, or that she might attend a family reunion in Italy. Parallelism Worksheet Edit the following paragraphs to correct faulty parallelism. Many question the significance of parallelism. Without it, reading, writing, and the chance to understand material can be lost.

However, with parallelism, intended meanings are conveyed and are appreciated. Try to use parallelism and learn the. A sentence with parallel construction makes your writing certain to impress anyone who reads your stuff.

Effective, classy, and certain are all adjectives. Even though “certain to impress anyone who reads your stuff” is a mouthful compared to the other two, each sentence element is the same part of speech. If you’re looking for information about writing or have a writing-related questions, you can see resources on the OWL.

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Parallelism in writing worksheets
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