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While Timmy rejects her regularly, he does have a soft spot for her and does nice things for her in several episodes, including sending Cosmo and Wanda out on loan for her birthday after Vicky ruins it.

He is a robotic enemy that uses the power of wind, which he uses to blow heavy gusts at his enemies, and suction, like a vacuum cleaner. Turner received wide praise from critics.

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Returning to the United States, Tina continued her career with the Revue. It is revealed in "Cosmo Rules" that Cosmo is his distant and possibly long-lost cousin.

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Each fairy has an anti-fairy counterpart, who is their exact opposite in both personality and morality. The deal was to be signed on July 6. As Mighty Mom she has: She has been shown to be accepting of her own cruelty, and that the only reason she is mean is because she was mistreated as a child by her own babysitter.

Early adulthood Mom and Dad bought their house when Mom was pregnant with Timmy. Beauty and the Beast: Coslo Puncholowski, is a hand-to-hand combat villain who has attempted to defeat the Crimson Chin in battle.

He also speaks with a stereotypical British gentleman accent. Potts' stern attitude also has a strong effect on the Beast, who appears to respect his head housekeeper the most out of all his servants—he has even been shown to occasionally snap out of his violent tantrums when she confronts him on his behavior.

He was the first fairy baby born in over one thousand years, with his own father being the second to last.

Crocker does not support her. Potts in Belle's Magical World. Personality Intelligent, level-headed, and self-righteous, Mrs. Turner promoted the album by performing on TV shows in Germany and Switzerland in December that year. In a later episode, her family name is revealed to be Fairy-Winkle Cosma.

Turner by friends and acquaintances. Turner is seen in the live-action movie " A Fairly Odd Movie: Only his feet and legs grew during puberty, while the rest of him stayed small.

Potts made several cameos in the series, House of Mouseusually non-speaking. Though the wilting of the rose was dire and unabating, Mrs. Crushed, Spector never signed another act to Philles.Mrs. Gail Chetcutti Puff (née Vladislapov), referred to as Mom, is the mother of Timmy and the wife of Mr.

Turner. She works as a real estate agent and worked for the CIA before Timmy was born. Mom and Dad's faces were never shown in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts.

Mom is the dim-witted mother of Affiliations: Turner family. Outdoor entertainment for families in Alabama and Mississippi. Mrs. Turners is the only “hometown” restaurant I truly enjoy! Been going here for years and it’s such a family oriented place as well!

Been going here for years and it’s such a family oriented place as well!/5().

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Mrs turner
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