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Fundraising efforts have begun to build the Raymond Loewy Museum of Industrial Design, a c3 non profit, originally envisioned by Laurence Loewy.

His business partners were A. Loewy distinguished himself early on with the design of a successful model aircraftwhich then won the Gordon Bennett Cup for model airplanes in This can be viewed in the logo of Shell, Exxon.

S automaker company to provide design services during the declining years of the Great Depression. This makes Raymond Loewy: However, it was beset by production problems. The '53 Starliner, recognized today as "one of the most beautiful cars ever made",[11] was radical in appearance, as radical in its way as the Airflow.

Martina Blum bio Raymond Loewy: The sleekness of Loewy's designs seemed to indicate that the future was bright, modern and shiny and that it was at your fingertips -- it was perhaps right around the corner.

He was survived by his second wife Viola and their daughter Laurence. A curved shape allows air to flow smoothly around it.

To visualize this, the sharp corners and transitions of objects were rounded off. He spent most of his professional career in the United States, becoming a naturalized citizen in Planting the visual seeds that shaped the way our nation perceived itself with sophisticated, minimal and futuristic visions for product design.

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His business partners were A. In addition to locomotive design, Loewy's studios provided many designs for the Pennsylvania Railroad, including stations, passenger-car interiors, and advertising materials.

While he did not design the famous GG1 electric locomotivehe improved its appearance with welded rather than riveted construction, and he added a pinstripe paint scheme to highlight its smooth contours.

This permitted Studebaker to launch the first all-new postwar automobile intwo years ahead of the "Big Three.

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What made Loewy different were his design principles and personal touches. Among his best-known works are the Coldspot refrigerator for Sears Roebuck and streamlined locomotives for the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Fundraising efforts have begun to build the Raymond Loewy Museum of Industrial Design, a c3 non profit, originally envisioned by Laurence Loewy. Loewy served in the French army during World War I —attaining the rank of captain.

In the spring ofStudebaker's new president, Sherwood Egbertrecalled Loewy to design the Avanti. Certain designers throughout the 20th and 21st century have been hailed as geniuses, but their work simply has not garnered the same level of acclaim, largely because of the fact that they push the boundaries of what the public is willing to accept.

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In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: It took only a month after the new packaging released that the sales doubled. Loewy's genius of design remained in the fact that he was continually able to bring something new to his pieces but that he was also always able to stay within a realm of what people wanted to see and use within their daily lives.Porter describes Raymond Loewy: Designs for a Consumer Culture as an "extended interpretative essay with illustrations." It covers, more or less chronologically, Loewy's early years, his breakthrough in the s, and his and his several firms' relationships with various clients and projects in later years.

Raymond Loewy (pronounced LOH-ee, November 5, – July 14, ) was a French-born American industrial designer who achieved fame for the magnitude of.

Raymond Loewy (/ ˈ l oʊ iː / LOH-ee, French pronunciation: [ʁɛmɔ̃ løui] November 5, – July 14, ) was a Franco–American industrial designer who achieved fame for the magnitude of his design efforts across a variety of industries.

Loewy was born in Paris in ; he was the son of Marie Labalme and Maximilian Loewy who was a Viennese journalist. He began to show interest for design at a very early age. When he was only 15 years old he designed a model airplane that was powered by rubber bands and named it Ayrel.

Mar 31,  · Words: Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Raymond Loewy. At first I thought I wanted to focus on a single design item that he was responsible for, such as the Lucky Strike logo, the coke bottle design or the shell icon for shell gasoline, or the minimalistic Loewy.

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