Benefits of dr edward de bonos form of decision making the six thinking hats

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Edward de Bono Serious Creativity

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The Six Forms of Thinking

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Blue Hat The blue hat is for process control, and for managing and organising thinking. The champion must navigate through organizational barriers and filters to ensure that these connections are made and continued, such as in the example of champion-sponsored town hall meetings at General Electric.Developed by Dr.

Edward de Bono, the “Six Thinking Hats” ™ technique is a framework designed to promote holistic and lateral thinking in decision-making and evaluation.

Conducted alone or in group meetings, participants – project members, key decision-makers and stakeholders – are encouraged to cycle through different modalities of thinking using the metaphor of wearing different conceptual “hats”.

From those results, focused analysis and decision making can take place. One benefit of this approach is that you avoid the situation where someone is presenting their thoughts in a logical, fact-based way and someone else presents an emotional, feeling-based alternative or counter-argument.

Is Edward de Bono's Six Thinking Hats method. De Bono believed that the key to a successful use of the Six Thinking Hats methodology was the deliberate focusing of the discussion on a particular approach as needed during the meeting or collaboration session.

For instance, a meeting may be called to review a particular problem and to develop a solution for the problem. 1 Master s degree thesis LOG Logistics The Human Bias in Shipbuilding Decision-making Case study STX-OSV Søviknes Youssouf Traore and Yuliya Rymarava Number of pages including this page: Molde.

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Benefits of dr edward de bonos form of decision making the six thinking hats
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